File Storage

By default, the command journal is written to a file system directory. The journal files are numbered using the scheme 00000000x.00000000y.journal, where the first segment is the sequence number of the journal file. The second segment is the id of the first command in the file.

File Location

The location of the directory is set by assigning to EngineConfiguration.Location. This path is relative to either the current directory or relative App_Data if running in a web context. If unassigned, Location will default to the class name of the Model.


Snapshots are written to the same directory as the journal files unless EngineConfiguration.Location.OfSnapshots is set to point to somewhere else.

Example code

var config = new EngineConfiguration();
config.Location.OfJournal = "\\Storage\journal";
config.Location.OfSnapshots = "\\Storage\snapshots";
var engine = Engine.For<MyModel>(config);