Note: Experimental feature and subject to change!


The OrigoDB engine supports role bases authorization for commands and queries based on their type. By default, every user has full access. To activate authorization, register a custom IAuthorizer<Type> with the EngineConfiguration before starting the engine. The identity is taken from the current threads IPrincipal, normally the account which the process is running as.

Here’s an example:

   var config = new EngineConfiguration();

   // create an authorizer with a default of denied
   var myAuthorizer = new TypeBasedPermissionSet();

   //add rules for each command/query type, passing an `IEnumerable<string>` with user or role names

   //inject a factory lambda that returns the authorizer
   config.SetAuthorizer(cfg => myAuthorizer);

   //Engine picks up and uses the injected authorizer