Other types


Immutable type representing a range of ordered values using upper and lower bounds. Some useful methods:

  • Contains(T value) - true if value is within the range
  • Precedes(T value) - true if value > upper bound of range
  • Succeeds(T value) - true if value < lower bound of range
  • Succeeds(Range<T> other)
  • Precedes(Range<T> other)
  • Overlaps(Range<T> other)
  • Intersect(Range<T> other) - get the overlapping range, throw if no overlap
  • Union(Range<T> other) - combine overlapping ranges, throw if no overlap


var reservations = new List<Range<DateTime>>();
reservations.Add(new Range(DateTime.Now, DateTime.Now.AddHours(1)));
var conflicts = reservations.Where(r => r.Overlaps(candidate));