Connection Strings

Example configuration file

   <add name="MyModel" connectionString="mode=embedded;location=c:\db\mymodel"/>
   <add name="test" connectionString="mode=remote;host=;port=3001"/>
  • Engine.For<MyModel>() will create a LocalEngineClient based on the connection string named “MyModel”
  • Engine.For<MyModel>("test") will create a RemoteEngineClient based on the connection string named “test”

Local connection string parameters

When mode is “embedded” the connection string properties are mapped to an instance of EngineConfiguration. See EngineComfiguration for a full list of properties, only a few are shown below. When mode is remote, the properties will be mapped to an instance of RemoteClientConfiguration

Name Type Default Description
location string empty string file path or sql server connection string name
CloneCommands bool true clone commands before execution using default serializer
EnsureSafeResults bool true turn off and engine will assume you know what you’re doing
host string localhost ip or hostname of the remote server
port ushort 3001 The port of the remote server
MaxConnections int 10 Maximum number of tcp connections used by the connection pool
DedicatedPool bool false Set to true and the client will create it’s own private connection pool